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Siren Head Resurrection

A group of young cave divers went missing. The local ranger does not respond to radio calls. The park is quite away from civilization and there is no one in the area. A storm will hit the valley in the coming hours and the whole area will be covered with thick fog. You have to act fast.

Siren Head Resurrection is a solo, indie, fan made game. The project started only as a short teaser and received a great positive feedback from the community. The game was in development for 8 months and was designed with replayability in mind.

Every time you start a new game, quest items and puzzle solutions may change! Changes are also affected by selected difficulty and found secrets. Your progress may be different from other players...

Before you download

The game contains scenes that may not be appropriate for children and younger audience (disturbing content, strong language, gore and violence), loud sounds and photosensitive environment.
This game is more graphically demanding and relatively large in file size. Please read more about the game before downloading it.
Make sure you use the itch.io app to download the game to get the latest updates.

*Player can choose to limit mature content in the game settings menu.


If you are interested in the game, looking for some hints or simply want to chat, feel free to contact me show-more#9940 or ask for invite to the very small Siren Head Resurrection game server

What this game IS

  • survival action adventure
  • exploration and experimentation
  • puzzle solving

What this game IS NOT

  • fast paced first person shooter
  • jumpscares and quick time events
  • everything in a single playtrough

Please keep in mind that Siren Head character is the intellectual property of Trevor Henderson. The story presented by this game is an UNOFFICIAL expansion of the Siren Head universe. To learn more about Siren Head, please visit Trevor Henderson's official website trevorhenderson.com


The game offers multiple endings. Exploration and non-traditional approach is often rewarded. The game also features multiple puzzles and minigames.

There are several secrets hidden in the game. Some secrets provide permanent bonuses others  can  extend gameplay.

After finishing the game, new game Plus mode is unlocked (strongly encouraged).

Game Mechanics

Player can sneak around the enemies, distract them or use the environment to be able to pass around unnoticed. Game provides lethal and non-lethal weapons to use. Ammo is limited, choosing the right weapon is critical. Every weapon has it's unique attributes damage/speed/range/loudness.

Progress often relies on working with your inventory. Exploration plays an important role in order to achieve the best possible outcome. Some tasks may change a little each playthrough. Reading the books and notes is advised.


  • Easy on Regular mode (assisted mode available for casual players)
  • Medium/Hard on game Plus mode (unlocks after finishing the game)

Average session

  • depending on the play style and achieved ending, it may take 50 to 90 minutes to complete the game

Developer Notes

This is an indie game. Progress is mostly nonlinear.  Not every interaction is immediately obvious and may involve some backtracking. There are some interesting secrets that are worth discovering. Regular Game Mode offers the most important parts of the game. If you want to experience the game as intended by developer, try Game Plus Mode.


  • WSAD - movement
  • Q/E - lean
  • Shift - sprint
  • Ctrl - crouch/sneak
  • Space - jump
  • LMB - use/interact
  • RMB - throw/cancel
  • Mouse Wheel - cycle weapons/items
  • F - toggle flashlight (hold to cycle intensity / LMB when holding flashlight only)
  • Tab - inventory hotkey
  • J - journal hotkey

*Optimized for mouse and keyboard (controller possible, but not recommended)


  • CPU 3.2GHz 4Cores 64bit
  • GPU
    • Medium GTX1060 / RX570
    • High GTX1070Ti / RX5600
  • RAM 8GB
  • HDD 6GB of free space (installation of additional system libraries might be required before launching the game)

Recommended hardware is targeted for 1080p resolution at 60fps average. Low details can drastically decrease level of fidelity, but can provide significant boost in performance for less capable hardware.  The game will try to determine the best possible settings  for the installed hardware the first time it starts.
You may need to restart the game for some settings to take effect.

Performance Guide

  1. Lighting is the most intense graphical process in the game. Reducing quality from High to Medium has the most significant impact on performance (Low will disable lighting processing)
  2. Reducing the view distance and foliage can save additional frames
  3. Resolution scale affects the rendering resolution and also contribute to performance savings
  4. Other settings have minor impact on performance and are mainly focused on less capable hardware, where every frame counts

*Some scenes can be more graphically demanding than others. If you are sensitive to frame drops, adjust the settings accordingly.


Siren Head character is the intellectual property of Trevor Henderson. For more information please visit author's website trevorhenderson.com.
The game also incorporates assets from Epic Games Marketplace, Quixel and several public domain CC0 assets.

The game is completely free to play with full access to all of it's elements. By making a donation, you support the game developer in his possible future projects. Any donation is highly appreciated. If you are willing to donate, please also consider supporting Trevor Henderson, the creator of Siren Head itself.

Please let me know if you plan to stream the game on YouTube/Twitch.
I'd like to see it

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(33 total ratings)
Made withAudacity, GIMP, Unreal Engine, Inkscape, Blender
TagsAction-Adventure, Altgame, Creepy, Horror, Mystery, Siren Head, sirenhead
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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siren-head-resurrection-win.zip 6 GB
Version 1.8

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best and most realistic siren head game ever


This game runs fine solo for me. I can download it and it runs and plays fine.

However if I try to run it from the ITCH.IO APP, it fails apparently seeking a VC++ runtime, which asking to install says it uninstalls, and simply does nothing. Not sure how to get ITCH.IO to address this or fix it, or if this is some integration issue so I thought I’d ask here.

Great game BTW really enjoying this.

Thanks for letting me know. I’ll try to investigate it further and probably get in contact with itch.io dev team



I did update this game today and it’s working fine from the itch app now.



i dowloaded this game i even gave extra to the creator and when i went to open the game it took me to WOT Blitz which is a tank game for pc. i cant find anywhere to get help with this. i was completly cheated out of my money


Hi, if you dowloaded the game directly from itch.io website make sure to extract the correct file: siren-head-resurrection-win.zip.

If you are still having problems dowloading the game from website I personally recommend using itchio application because of automatic updates and ease of use.

the end !!

Really nice and atmospheric game with many different endings and replay value. I just hoped that it would get dark a little bit sooner. If you want a look at the gameplay:


Part 2

nice game with amazing story

New version, the "invert y axis" setting isn't working.  It doesn't save the setting.

(2 edits)

Everything works as expected on my side. Toggle is saved and properly restored, invert also works in game. If you are still having difficulties try to re-download the game.

Also feel free to join the discord server for bug reporting. There's much higher chance for me to find your messages.

Could older settings be overriding the new settings somehow?  When the game is run, where are the settings files created and stored?  I can check to see if there's old settings files stuck somewhere causing the issue. Do you think maybe because I'm using a wireless xbox series x/s controller the setting isn't saving?  That shouldn't happen though.  I'm no dummy, been a PC gamer for over 20 years.

It's odd.  I even tried running as admin with full screen optimizations disabled to see if that was causing it.  Nothing I've tried works.  The only setting that doesn't save is the invert y axis.

Also the game was downloaded fine, extracted fine, no errors at all.  It isn't the download that is the problem.

Yeah man I don't know what to say.  The invert y axis setting does not save.  It's the only setting that doesn't save.  I go into settings, add the checkmark to the setting, load my game, it's not working.  I quit to main menu, go into settings, and it's unchecked again.  It's not me.  The setting isn't working.

Okay so I found the save and settings folder in appdata/local, completely deleted it, redownloaded the game, then tried again, and it simply does not work.  The invert y axis setting does not work.  It does not save.  It does not affect gameplay at all.  I've done everything I could here, I've tested it multiple times.  Your invert y axis setting is broken and does not work.  I don't know what else to say.  Guess I'll look for something else to play today.  Thanks for the effort anyhow.

I bumped the build number and re-upload it. Than I download it form itch on a different PC just to make sure it's independent from my local build. I tried mouse, x-box controller and remapped ps3 controller. I also sent a link to my friend for a test and she confirms that it's working for her. 

I updated uploading tool right before original 1.7 upload so something might mismatched when generating patch from 1.6 to 1.7 (my local 1.7 worked as expected)

If by any chance you are going to try it, please let me know if it works now.

Deleted both the old download and the settings/save files from appdata (just to rule it out), downloading new version and will report back.  Thanks!

That fixed it!  Invert Y axis worked this time.  Saved and shut down game, restarted game to see if it was still working and it indeed was.  I can't thank you enough for making this work for controller fully.  I really think you got a great game on your hands and should definitely upload it for sale on Steam in the future when your vision of the game is complete.  Some personal suggestions of mine for it...

1. Smoother navmesh for less jittery movement in-game.

2. Watchtower duty ( incorporate a night-shift job at a watchtower, where you can witness creepy things happening at night.  Have a spotlight you could aim and point at things moving in the dark.  Have things you can do in the watchtower: A small TV playing Night of the Living Dead or some other public domain horror movies, a handheld videogame with tetris to play, a dart board, a wildlife magazine to read, a radio with a pubic radio station of some crazy conspiracy guy who talks about the land and sightings on the land.  Any other immersive things a watchtower guard would do.

3. More cryptids to see: Wendigo, Giant troll, Mothman, Bigfoot etc.

4. Bike trail + Mountain bike for getting around fast (could also incorporate some intense chase sequences with it)

5. Underground bunkers to explore

I personally would love the watchtower night shift.  After playing Firewatch and Do You Copy I've been fiending an interactive watchtower horror experience with immersive things to do inbetween the scary bits.

Maybe some of these things are in the game already?  I have no idea, as I just started playing it, but you definitely have something great here, and would love to see this turn into a full paid experience and would definitely buy a copy on steam (if and when that would happen of course).  Do you have more plans for the game or plan on releasing on steam in the future?  If so I could help with finding voice actors, public domain content to use etc.  I do these things currently for my audio dramas and my 24/7 music streams I have on youtube, twitch and dlive.  Shoot me an email if you like:  Brandomanmods@protonmail.com

I am glad it works now. Well yes, some of those things already are in the game, but there are some very interesting ideas to consider ;) For future updates unfortunately I need to focus on some projects at my work so most probably no new content for next few months…


so far so good I love this game I am currently recording for my channel, but I’m having an issue with the red box in the north cave. I have both pictures and as I go through the numbers nothing happens maybe I’m doing this wrong 

message me on discord/twitter I will help you


Can you please put it so you can play it on Linux!

I wanted to play this game!!!!!!! (PLEASE) :(

Linux has a 2.4% share of the desktop OS market, I can't see it making sense to make a Linux version...

Hi. First of all - great game! Especially if it is a solo project - that really impressive!!
And here is my question: in the chapter "Siren in the Mine" i`ve reached the mine, opened it with a key and then there is nothing active, besides that interesting lock( but it seems i cannot interact with it) and one pick up item. have i missed something or further game is still in process?

You must find a way to get over the container that is blocking your way (2 solutions).

Electric lock is really interesting but it’s a part of another secret ;)

I`ve done that. But I`ve missed that object that I should interact to proceed. And now I am going further. So thanks for letting me know that i should be  more watchful. And about the electric lock...i`l live it for the second walkthrough =)

I love this great game! Thank you!

thanks for playing

How do you solve the clock puzzle? I tried brute forcing it but it still didn't work. Dunno how im supposed to actually get the answer either :/

Message me on discord or twitter. No spoilers in comments section ;)

alrighty! I added ya :)

My discord is AwesomeTaco#9117 btw

I have started playing recently after watching a youtuber. I have spent over 50 hours trying to solve this puzzle also and am stumped.

Did you ever figure out the clock puzzle i've spent about 50 hours stumped on this one.

(1 edit)

yeah the game wont download, might be a problem on my end but any ideas? I'm on a windows computer, and yesterday I was able to download it but all I got was an empty zip file.

Sometimes the itch.io servers are down so hopefully it will be resolved soon

(1 edit)

yeah I can't seem to download any other itch games so that may be the problem.

For anyone with ultrawide, I think I found a slight fix for the fov issue. The configs are located in AppData\Local\SirenHead\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor. Open engine.ini and add



(1 edit)

Thanks for this.  I've just tested it.  However....

I found that the picture is squashed top and bottom, as if the horizontal axis is correct but because the monitor is ultra-wide the picture tries to squash everything into the available space, hence squashing the image vertically.

Interestingly enough when I took a screenshot of the game and pasted the result it looks perfect.   So maybe the engine is trying to project the correct image into a more 'letterbox' shape.


In-game it looks like this;


But when I take a screenshot and paste the result it looks fine:


Just started the game and i can't grab the battery for the life of me. It's stuck between meshes. I noticed i grabbed too many items and even then, i should be able to delete an item and get the battery. frustrating! it's a bug for beginning the game

You should definitelly be able to grab battery even if it is stucked in environment. Every inspecatbale item has disabled collision response during inspection. Please send me pic/video if you are able to capture it. 

Not sure about what do you mean by grabbing/deleting multiple items. You can grab as many items as you want and only non quest related items can be discarded.

Oh ok thank you for that response. Well when i just started the game, i tried to grab battery and it would loop to my inventory for some odd reason.  Then i figured, "oh maybe i can delete items or maybe my inventory is full. ill try and delete an item". it wasn't the case. I really wanted to get into the game but that stopped me after trying for 30 min. frustrating but ill try and record video right now. 

Sorry for my bird. he's very talkitive lol

Don’t worry :) When the game is opening an inventory it means it want you to interact using an item from inventory. Like door and key. If you read the log you will find out that this battery is discharged and needs to be replaced. Fortunatelly there is one near the cabin (search outside, it’s very close).

Thank you :)

(1 edit)

This is not the one you can pick up straight away, it is outside the cabin.

Thank you

Honest Review, I really love the looks of the game, they way you get trown into the Game and the Story unfolds slowly in front of you being afraid of the Unknown is Great. The Puzzles are Fair even if i managed to miss the Second picture because its so dark in there and because im blind. The only thing is the "climax" at the Factory is kinda ... meh. Hes just standing there making noise in the middle of the day looking at you but not getting you, it made me lose the build up tension really fast. The thing hunting you just seems so helpless suddenly. Otherwise great game love that it has more then one ending, little secrets and its not just a cicle of random jumpscares. The overall setting is beautifull, Definetly not the Generic "Horrorgame" we usually get, this is much more polished and has more to offer then just some spooky screams in your ears. Would love to see more.


The factory area definitely has some flaws in favor of the puzzle part. There are "safe" areas just to give player some time to explore. I am still thinking of ways to make this area more intense, but reasonably playable at the same time. I already have some ideas for the next update.

Oh this game is gettin updated? I always thought it was in it's finale version, super excited to see what ya add/change!


I need help on this puzzle too. After searching everywhere for 2 hours, I still have yet to find the pipe wrench. 

contact me on twitter or discord 

what is your Discord?

show-more #9940

Help please: I'm stuck at the factory. On the place where the wrench supposed to be, I have a note instead (about returning tools)

This is a puzzle. Contact me on discord/twitter if you find it too difficult.

how to open it?? i downloaded but what should i do next

sirenhead executable. It also has sirenhead icon

i am on chrome so i can't open exe files, is there like a website or some kind of converter?

Sorry the game is windows only. There is no download for other platforms

that kinda sucks, can u make it html also?

Sorry the game is windows only. There is no download for other platforms

ah well i guess i could try to play on my pc

(1 edit) (-1)

I need to invert the mouse Y axis. How did this oversight even happen? Is there any work-around for this atrocity?


Don't worry it will be available in the next update as some players are already requesting it.

The new update released and has the option added.  Could you do me a favor and check to see if it's working or not for you?  It's not working at all for me, the setting doesn't work, and the creator is saying it's just a me problem lol.


Hey, Just wanted to let you know we started this on our channel. And even without getting to see Siren Head you had Riku soiling himself. 

Deleted 187 days ago

Wow congrats. It’s ultimate weapon. I want to keep the comments section spoiler free but you can probably imagine on what you can use an ultimate weapon :D

Oh ok thanks :D


Really great game you made my friend. I bought it yesterday or downloaded it and donated and I'm really enjoying the time in it. The character of Siren Head was always interesting to me and I'm glad that someone created a game based on the character. 

I am very glad you enjoy it.  Thank you so much for your donation. I will use it to improve the game. Some tweaks, text fixes, small gameplay improvements and maybe audio upgrade are coming in the next update.

Hello, I played this game cause I have a bit of a history with Siren Head games. But yeah I just say that I was lost beyond believe and that my video speaks for itself.

(6 edits) (+2)

My monitor is an ultrawide 32:9 (5120x1440) and although the game is set to this resolution I feel like I should be able to 'zoom out' a little.   It's too much zoomed in, like the width of the game is the same size as a 16:9 monitor but cropped at the top and bottom. 
I tried changing "Resolution scale" but that didn't make a difference.  Can anyone help please?

Image example...


Resolution scale is affecting quality of image (up-scaled resolution). The game is not ultra-wide screen optimized right now (I don't have an ultra-wide screen). I considered the implementation (also invert Y axis) in the next update.

Right know I am trying to figure out how to reach players so I can get some feedback about what would they like to see in the next update.

Ok thanks for your fast feedback.  It's really quite difficult playing with this configuration at the moment so fingers crossed for a solution soon.

(1 edit)

And I've just tested it using my wife's "standard" monitor  and the game looks like it should, I was right by saying the top and bottom are simply cropped instead of having extra screen real-estate.  Compare this screenshot (standard monitor) https://imgur.com/a/iy8c4kI with the link I provided above.  Very, very different.

I have this same problem - I have an Ultra-Wide and it sucks not to be able to play it properly :(  These screens are getting quite popular so I hope you'll consider at least allowing a console command to adjust FOV show-more :)  Thank you very much for the product, donated!!

Horrgakx - you should check out the app "Flawless Widescreen" if you have this issue with other titles that don't have support.

Hi - I need to invert the mouse Y axis, as it stands in the default config I can't play it.   Anyone know?

Hi, I'm stuck on new game plus. The Greenstone Cave entrance after the factory area is caved in and I can not proceed. The game gives me a prompt when I go next to the fallen rocks but I have nothing in my inventory that would let me proceed. Even throwing the explosive bottles at it won't do anything.

Congrants on explosive bottles. Yes there is a small puzzle and solution is nearby at the factory. Your approach is very similar. Please message me on twitter if you are still stucked there.

Hmmmm.. we'll I tried the blow torch... and checked out the Lab... still something else I guess. Ty.

Hello. How I get pistol. I've finished few times now but yet still not find pistol. Give hint pls... VERY GOOD GAME FRIEND!! 

Since pistol is OP in the game (rapid fire, high damage, fast reload, high ammo capacity) it’s most probably the last bonus weapon you will find. Player is teased relatively early in the game with pistol magazine so it’s clear there IS a bonus weapon in the game. It’s basically a reward for finishing the game with true ending under one special condition (don’t want to spoil this one). 

Yes, “last” bonus weapon means there are more bonus weapons hidden in the game. Even better there are more bonus weapons than regular ones. Some of them can be found directly in the first playtrough others only after unlocking a special secret.

The Pistol was added mainly to help players who have already finished the game with the best ending and still want to find as much secrets as they can.

I was already contacted by some players who were able to unlock it so it’s hard but not impossible. 


Ok thank you! I'll keep on finishing with new endings and keep searching for secrets. I will soon have my pistol

that’s the spirit

hey hows it going, i wanted to comment on a couple of bugs i had encountered in the game, firstly i wanna say the game looks really good, im siked to play it but im unable to progress because of my inability to interact with certain items , like the battery and some item by the laptop on the cabin, it keep using the item i had in my inventory not the ones i was trying to engage with. help plx and thank you 


If the item interaction is activating your inventory this means the item cannot be used right away but needs to be somehow activated (using other item from your inventory). Think about it as a locked door that needs a key before you can open it.  

ohh i got you, that make sense, thank you for the info.

(1 edit)

Can't tell if this game is bugged or if I'm stupid. My compass is pointing me at the watchtower during the "Find Access to Greenstone Cave", but nothing is at the watchtower. The door is locked, there's a buzzing sound coming from the wood, but absolutely nothing  to interact with and no updates on the journal.

Can someone tell me what's wrong?

Also, not including an invert mouse option is downright offensive.

The compass is right. You just probably miss one place with puzzle for the key. Clue for the key location was in the computer notes.  Feel free to message me on twitter if  you still can’t progress.

Thanks for your feedback. If mouse invert is requested I can include it. I just don’t know anyone playing with mouse to actually use it as it is mostly used for flight simulators or consoles/gamepad players. I can include it in next update.

Yeah I got stuck at this part of the game too.  Makes me very frustrated when I have to alt tab out of a game to figure out what in the hell I am doing wrong.  Breaks immersion and ruins the experience entirely.  So where is this key at?  I've been running around for countless hours with nothing to show for it.

Check your journal. Also another hint is in computer notes. If you did not read the notes or simply forget about another cave, there is also a  hint if you tried to open locked watchtower door. It will updated your journal with aditional info. You probably miss the second cave. In order to get the key you need to solve the red box puzzle.

Hope this will help you. Feel free to contact me on twitter or discord for further help.

I figured it out.  The photos really throw people off because they don't first see the numbers of the one photo are of the side of the combination instead of the actual combination.  That puzzle really does ruin the experience and immersion of the game.  I ended up looking it up on youtube then just watched them play to the end since the immersion was already ruined for me.  Puzzles like these ruin horror games these days.  I highly suggest removing that puzzle or making the protagonist say "huh, if I line up those side numbers, I should get a good chunk of the combination" or something similar to clue in the player more so they also don't have to alt-tab out and break their immersion.

Do you mind message me on twitter/discord? I was getting only positive feedback on this specific puzzle so far so I can’t just remove it but I would like to discuss your difficulties with it and verify something.  Maybe find more optimal solution most probably for asisted mode.

My goal is to make the puzzles challenging but not frustrating. So if someone struggles with the puzzle I would like to provide as much clues as possible but don’t ruin the puzzle experience  at the same time. 

I've requested mouse Y axis invert too.   This is why I can't play console games :)))

Hello, I've been having a lot of fun playing this game and it looks amazing! I got off yesterday and I'm trying to load my current save and I've been sitting here for a bout 30 min and it hasn't loaded, any ideas why?

This doesn’t happend to anybody as far as I know even across the version update. Is there any chance that you can send me your save? I might be able to retest it. Saves in the game are pure data, no logic so they should not break the game loading.

Is new game working?

New Game also does not work, it just loads, something I can add is that while it loads I can hear the character breathing heavily like he's out of stamina. I have no idea what happened, and how would I send you my save?

If new game does not work the game files might be broken or some system update broke it. I have no idea how this should happened. Try reinstall. Your saves are stored in user folder outside the game (C:\Users\<Your Name>\AppData\Local\SirenHead\Saved\SaveGames).

Well I reinstalled the game and it worked. I played the rest of the game and I gotta say great job, it was so much fun. Can't wait to see what other games you come out with

Glad that it helped.

Hello is there a way to change the FOV in the files?  I have an ultrawide 49" monitor and the FOV just ruins the whole game.  From what I played it looks awesome... would love to continue doing so.  Thanks in advance if you reply!

I don’t have an utrawide screen but I’ll try to simulate it somehow. Meanwhile you can try to read it in text mode.

yes I did rage quit, and yes after editing I realized what was wrong and yes I tried recording and it failed and yes I had to go on vacation so couldn’t re record… so here is my sad attempt to play this game.

the game is realy good and thought trough, but the thing thats gives me a real amateur vibe, are the voice lines of the our main characters, no motion or feeling in his lines, litterly reading off the script...

texture's and buildings of the map are amazing!


Made this account just to say the game is amazing. It looks gorgeous and daytime horror is one of my favorite genres, I stayed up all night beating it. My only complaint is getting caught on things while walking, and maybe how strong the foxes are for being so small. I started new game+ and I'm stuck in the spot underneath that old house and I have no idea what to do so if I could get a small hint I would love you forever. Overall 10/10 for being made by one guy and just in general. 

examine the floor very carefully


Well your boi is back at it again with the second video in this siren head resurrection series! Thanks for the support on the last video… hope y’all enjoy this one!! It’s a 5 minute pro edited reaction compilation so the least you could do is give it a watch love y’all!!

Will there be a Mac version for download? Got $20 if so.

I’ve made a macos port of the game but it does not perform well. On standard M1 the game run at low 30fps for medium/low settings at 1080p.  I did not get a chance to test it on more recent device tho.

Oh awesome! So you're kinda working on one?  I'll be ready for the download/donate if it gets released. I'm hearing great things about the game. 


this was  really cool! It’s a beautiful siren head game! It’s a reaction compilation so it’s only 3 minutes long and is pro edited! Please consider subscribing love y’all!!
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